OpenDaVINCI  4.16.0
odcore::wrapper::ConcurrencyFactory Struct Reference

#include <ConcurrencyFactory.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static ThreadcreateThread (Runnable &runnable)
static void usleepFor (const long &microseconds)
static void usleepUntil (const long &seconds, const long &partialMicroseconds)

Detailed Description

Abstract factory for creating wrapped threads based on pthread or C++11.

Thread, ConcurrencyFactoryWorker

Member Function Documentation

void odcore::wrapper::ConcurrencyFactory::usleepFor ( const long &  microseconds)

This method causes the calling to sleep for the specified amount of time.

microsecondsTime to sleep in ms.

References odcore::wrapper::ConcurrencyFactoryWorker< product >::usleepFor().

Referenced by odcore::base::Thread::usleepFor().

void odcore::wrapper::ConcurrencyFactory::usleepUntil ( const long &  seconds,
const long &  partialMicroseconds 

This methods sleeps until the specified TimeStamp or returns immediately if the specified time is in the past.

secondsTime point in seconds until which the execution of the current thread is suspended.
partialMicrosecondsPartial microseconds.

References odcore::wrapper::ConcurrencyFactoryWorker< product >::usleepUntil().

Referenced by odcore::base::Thread::usleepUntil().