OpenDaVINCI  4.16.0
odcore::wrapper::CompressionFactoryWorker< product > Struct Template Reference

#include <CompressionFactoryWorker.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static DecompressedDatagetContents (istream &in)

Detailed Description

template<CompressionLibraryProducts product>
struct odcore::wrapper::CompressionFactoryWorker< product >

This template class provides factory methods to the ConcurrencyFactory. The factory methods' implementations for different products have to be defined in specializations of the ConcurrencyFactoryWorker template class.

CompressionFactory, CompressionLibraryProducts, ZipCompressionFactoryWorker

Member Function Documentation

template<CompressionLibraryProducts product>
static DecompressedData* odcore::wrapper::CompressionFactoryWorker< product >::getContents ( istream &  in)

This method creates a DecompressedData object based on a given input stream.

inThe stream from which the compressed data should be read.
Compressed file based on the type of instance this factory is.

Referenced by odcore::wrapper::CompressionFactory::getContents().