OpenDaVINCI  4.16.0
odtools::recorder::SharedDataWriter Class Reference

#include <SharedDataWriter.h>

Inheritance diagram for odtools::recorder::SharedDataWriter:
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Public Member Functions

 SharedDataWriter (std::shared_ptr< ostream > out, map< uint32_t, char * > &mapOfMemories, odcore::base::FIFOQueue &bufferIn, odcore::base::FIFOQueue &bufferOut)
virtual ~SharedDataWriter ()
void recordEntries ()
void start ()
void stop ()
void serviceReady ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool isRunning ()

Detailed Description

This class writes the FIFO of MemorySegments to an outstream.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

odtools::recorder::SharedDataWriter::SharedDataWriter ( std::shared_ptr< ostream >  out,
map< uint32_t, char * > &  mapOfMemories,
odcore::base::FIFOQueue bufferIn,
odcore::base::FIFOQueue bufferOut 


outOutput stream to write to.
odtools::recorder::SharedDataWriter::~SharedDataWriter ( )

References CLOG1, and recordEntries().

Member Function Documentation

bool odcore::base::Service::isRunning ( )

This method returns true, iff this runnable is in its internal state for running.

true iff this runnable is in its internal state for running.

Implements odcore::wrapper::Runnable.

void odcore::base::Service::serviceReady ( )

This method has to be called by the run() method to unblock the start() method when the service is fully initialized.

Referenced by odcontext::base::TimeTriggeredConferenceClientModuleRunner::run().

void odcore::base::Service::start ( )

This method starts the service and will block the calling thread until serviceReady() is called.

Referenced by odcontext::base::TimeTriggeredConferenceClientModuleRunner::step(), and odcore::io::udp::UDPReceiver::UDPReceiver().

void odcore::base::Service::stop ( )

This method stops the service. A stopped service CANNOT get restarted.

Referenced by odcore::io::PacketPipeline::~PacketPipeline(), and odcore::io::udp::UDPReceiver::~UDPReceiver().