OpenDaVINCI  4.16.0
odtools::player::RecMemIndex Class Reference

#include <RecMemIndex.h>

Public Member Functions

 RecMemIndex (const odcore::io::URL &url, const uint32_t &memorySegmentSize, const uint32_t &numberOfMemorySegments, const bool &threading)
virtual ~RecMemIndex ()
bool hasMoreData () const
void rewind ()
int64_t peekNextSampleTimeToPlayBack () const
odcore::data::Container makeNextRawMemoryEntryAvailable ()

Detailed Description

This class reads a corresponding .rec.mem file belonging to a .rec file that holds the shared memory dumps.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

odtools::player::RecMemIndex::RecMemIndex ( const odcore::io::URL url,
const uint32_t &  memorySegmentSize,
const uint32_t &  numberOfMemorySegments,
const bool &  threading 


urlResource to play.
memorySegmentSizeSize of the memory segment to be used for buffering.
numberOfMemorySegmentsNumber of memory segments to be used for buffering.
threadingIf set to true, RecMemIndex will load new containers from the .rec.mem file in background.
odtools::player::RecMemIndex::~RecMemIndex ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool odtools::player::RecMemIndex::hasMoreData ( ) const

This method returns true if there is more data to replay.

true if there is more data to replay.
odcore::data::Container odtools::player::RecMemIndex::makeNextRawMemoryEntryAvailable ( )

This method returns the next Shared*-container to be replayed and copies the raw memory into the corresponding shared memory.

The next container to be replayed.

References odcore::wrapper::SharedMemoryFactory::createSharedMemory().

int64_t odtools::player::RecMemIndex::peekNextSampleTimeToPlayBack ( ) const

This method returns the sample time stamp of the next Shared*-container to be replayed without actually returning it.

sampleTimeStamp in microseconds of the next container in line.
void odtools::player::RecMemIndex::rewind ( )

This method rewinds the iterators.