OpenDaVINCI  4.16.0
odcore::wrapper::RealtimeRunnable Class Referenceabstract

#include <RealtimeRunnable.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~RealtimeRunnable ()
virtual bool isRunning ()=0

Protected Member Functions

 RealtimeRunnable (const uint32_t &periodInMicroseconds)
virtual void nextTimeSlice ()=0

Detailed Description

This class provides a threadable interface for realtime, periodic tasks. Only a POSIX implementation for Linux with rt-preempt is available at the moment.

It can be used as follows:

class MyRealtimeRunnable : public RealtimeRunnable {
MyRealtimeRunnable() : RealtimeRunnable(100 * 1000)
virtual void nextTimeSlice() {
// Do some things right here.
MyRealtimeRunnable rtr;
unique_ptr<Thread> t;
try {
t = unique_ptr<Thread>(ConcurrencyFactory::getInstance().createThread(rtr));
catch(string &s) {
clog << "Failed: " << s << endl;
if (t.get() != NULL) {
// Do some different things.
if (t.get() != NULL) {

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

odcore::wrapper::RealtimeRunnable::RealtimeRunnable ( const uint32_t &  periodInMicroseconds)


periodInMicrosecondsDuration for the slice.
odcore::wrapper::RealtimeRunnable::~RealtimeRunnable ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool odcore::wrapper::Runnable::isRunning ( )
pure virtualinherited

This method returns true, iff this runnable is in its internal state for running.

true iff this runnable is in its internal state for running.

Implemented in odcore::base::RealtimeService, odcore::base::Service, odcore::wrapper::SerialPort, odcore::wrapper::WIN32Impl::WIN32TCPAcceptor, odcore::wrapper::POSIX::POSIXTCPAcceptor, odcore::wrapper::POSIX::POSIXTCPConnection, and odcore::wrapper::WIN32Impl::WIN32TCPConnection.

virtual void odcore::wrapper::RealtimeRunnable::nextTimeSlice ( )
protectedpure virtual

This method is called periodically and must be implemented in derived classes.

Implemented in odcore::base::RealtimeService.