OpenDaVINCI  4.16.0
odcore::strings::StringComparator Class Reference

#include <StringComparator.h>

Public Member Functions

 StringComparator ()
 StringComparator (const StringComparator &obj)
virtual ~StringComparator ()
StringComparatoroperator= (const StringComparator &obj)
bool operator() (const string &s1, const string &s2) const

Detailed Description

This class compares strings for sorting.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

odcore::strings::StringComparator::StringComparator ( )
odcore::strings::StringComparator::StringComparator ( const StringComparator obj)

Copy constructor.

objReference to an object of this class.
odcore::strings::StringComparator::~StringComparator ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool odcore::strings::StringComparator::operator() ( const string &  s1,
const string &  s2 
) const

This method returns

Returns < 0.
StringComparator & odcore::strings::StringComparator::operator= ( const StringComparator obj)

Assignment operator.

objReference to an object of this class.
Reference to this instance.