OpenDaVINCI  4.16.0
odcore::reflection::MessageResolver Class Reference

#include <MessageResolver.h>

Public Member Functions

 MessageResolver (const vector< string > &listOfAbsolutePathsToSearch, const string &libraryPrefixToMatch, const string &librarySuffixToMatch)
virtual ~MessageResolver ()
odcore::reflection::Message resolve (odcore::data::Container &c, bool &successfullyMapped)

Detailed Description

This class can be used to simply display data distributed using a conference.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

odcore::reflection::MessageResolver::MessageResolver ( const vector< string > &  listOfAbsolutePathsToSearch,
const string &  libraryPrefixToMatch,
const string &  librarySuffixToMatch 


listOfAbsolutePathsToSearchList of absolute pathts to search for libraries.
libraryPrefixToMatchPrefix to be matched for libraries to load, e.g. "libodvd".
librarySuffixToMatchSuffix to be matched for libraries to load, e.g. ".so".
odcore::reflection::MessageResolver::~MessageResolver ( )

Member Function Documentation

Message odcore::reflection::MessageResolver::resolve ( odcore::data::Container c,
bool &  successfullyMapped 

This methods tries to resolve the provided Container into a message.

cContainer to be resolved.
successfullyMappedBoolean flag to indicate whether the mapping succeeded.
Resolved message or empty message structure.

References odcore::data::Container::getDataType(), odcore::reflection::HelperEntry::m_helper, and odcore::reflection::Helper::map().