OpenDaVINCI  4.16.0
odcore::base::CommandLineArgument Class Reference

#include <CommandLineArgument.h>

Public Member Functions

 CommandLineArgument ()
 CommandLineArgument (const string &argument, const string &value, const bool &set)
virtual ~CommandLineArgument ()
bool isSet () const
const string getArgument () const
template<class T >
getValue ()

Protected Attributes

string m_argument
string m_value
bool m_set

Detailed Description

This class represents a command line argument parsed by CommandLineParser. It provides methods to access the argument's name, the argument's value (as arbitrary data type) and to find out whether this argument has been specified in the command line.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::CommandLineArgument ( )
odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::CommandLineArgument ( const string &  argument,
const string &  value,
const bool &  set 


argumentCommandline argument to match.
valueValue for the given argument.
odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::~CommandLineArgument ( )

Member Function Documentation

const std::string odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::getArgument ( ) const

Returns the argument's name.

The argument's name.

References m_argument.

template<class T >
T odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::getValue ( )

Returns the value of the command line argument as data type T

Referenced by odcontext::base::CommandLineInterface::parse().

bool odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::isSet ( ) const

Returns true if this argument was specified in the command line.

References m_set.

Referenced by odcontext::base::CommandLineInterface::parse().

Member Data Documentation

string odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::m_argument

Referenced by getArgument().

bool odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::m_set

Referenced by isSet().

string odcore::base::CommandLineArgument::m_value